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Le dos de la guitare, les prémices... / Guitar making, the beginnings...
La retraite, quelle retraite? /  Retirement, which retirement?
A Time Capsule
Moba Runes
the squaire .
Turdus pilaris as a work of art
Maintenant que tout est cassé.... / And now, everything is broken...
Moba Runes
Avec une grande précision... / With great precision...
Guitare tu deviendras... /  Guitar you will become...
Moba Runes
nur noch 1x arbeiten bis zum Wochenende :-)
The Artist
Souvenire Preparation
Moba Runes
Holiday season is over, and now I am going to exercise.
God's Will for Mankind Will Never Change
Erikli Dipsiz Lake reflections
Moba Runes
Have a magical Christmas my dear friends 💕☃️🌲😘
Client work - EvanxKiki [Advanced Edit]
Casques étoilés /  Starred helmets
Moba Runes
Emergency Exit
Inextricable chevelure bleue /  Inextricable blue hair
Mauritius Port Louis XI
Moba Runes
Thanks, Mom!
"On My Way to Leuven"...
Team  work II
Moba Runes
Just me and my Camel DSC_7502
Team Work
Fisherman Lake Udaipur DSC_5988
Moba Runes
Yahina Rossi
"Early Morning"
Driving the Bus
Moba Runes
Out of the Box
"At Work"...
Moba Runes
LOTD #1760
Lids for Macro Mondays
The MET is open
Moba Runes
"M5 Trains"
El hombre arruga el pétalo de la luz
Moba Runes
I am impressed with the quality of the work.
Mina Esmeralda
Moba Runes
Jimuel, Contruction worker
network in the carp pond
Indonesia West-Sumatra Harau Valley
Moba Runes
Pull up
Split Rock Lighthouse II
Off to work
Moba Runes
fight for a stick
Bangladesh, Old Dhaka
Moba Runes
The left hand, and the right hand.
Retro-pompier / Mirror firefighter
La force de l'art  / The strength of art
Moba Runes
Arrondir les angles! /  Round out the angles!
Le métal fulgurant /  Bursted metal
Moba Runes
Bibbidi bobbidi... Ops
Work Life Balance
Lorsqu'une ampoule électrique est défectueuse à la Mezquita-Cathédrale  /  When a bulb does not work anymore in Mezquita-Cathedral
Moba Runes