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County Arcade, Victoria Quarter, Leeds, UK
Moba Runes
Creating a Public Work...
Labor Day
It's about four o'clock.
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The grandmaster
The show must go on
Private Time
Moba Runes
Behind the curtain
Let's workout
Going fishing
Moba Runes
Horse power
Aspiration (photo 3/24)
disposition....   (by:GlitterPrincess Destiny ~ Storie's
Moba Runes
City Life (HWW)
Custom Genus Project Skin Applier For Client
Sunset over the shimmering sea waters as dusk begins to fall.. 10th August 2019
Moba Runes
I Had a Dream-0983
Vietnamese So Beautiful
Moba Runes
At work
working in the harbour
Moba Runes
Step 1 find your satellite dish!
thinking Pam
Moba Runes
Job in the chaos of blossom
Morning Treasure Hunt
We could try another line of work.
Moba Runes
put me in chains
Et le temps n'a pas d'emprise... / Time has no influence...
Moba Runes
A Ship Abandoned and forgotten at Sunset ..., Un Barco Abandonado y olvidado en el Atardecer........
Super tricycle
The Working Week
Moba Runes
Frosty dogs
Displaying tabloid newspapers
What's Cooking?
Moba Runes
"To the left. Which left? Our left" Dialogue during rehearsal. scene: forest, clandastine lover`s monologue and simulating his suicide on railways "Nach links. Welches Links? Unser Links" Dialog während Probe. Szene: Wald "verliebter Geck", Schienensuizid
Que l'autel soit impeccable!  / The altar must be impeccably clean!
Macro view through the anemone
Moba Runes
La traversée tous risques... /  All-risks crossing...
Bohol Island
*Post 1009*
Moba Runes
5 PM
working in the fields
Quand le travail est derrière soi.... / When work is behind you...
Moba Runes
Grand Duke makes his exit, Playback: "Vincerò". Musician: "Why is here a model railway?" Costumer`s Assistent + me unisono: "Why not" Großfürst geht ab zu "Vincerò" Musiker: "Wieso ist da jetzt eine Modelleisenbahn?" Kostümassistentin + ich: "Wieso nicht"
Men at work
Moba Runes
The Hungarian Parliament Viewed from Danube
DSC_1471_5321.  Lunch break  - Pausa pranzo.
Moba Runes
Le "strieur"... / Stripes
The Daily bread
Moba Runes
Reveal the beauty.
The long way
Katowice - Work to be done, 19-04-2019
Moba Runes