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Built To Last ...
making a bowl :)
Fenster putzen
And again Blood in my Prompter Book - this time: Don Karlos (Friedrich Schiller): the death of Posa Tod des Marquis "Geben sie Gedankenfreiheit, Sire!" Posa. Page 95, Performance, Vorstellung 29.12.2018
Hard labour on Kinderdijk
Drive All Night
water's women (12)
water's women (11)
water's women (10)
A small pond in a former peat digger
Blood in my Prompter Book page 21 - just too much stage blood was used, so it hit me - my Hands, my Turtleneck, my Book are bloodied - Blut im Soufflierbuch Vorstellung Rote Zora und ihre Bande, zu viel Theaterblut beim Messerspiel - Stefanitag 26.12.2018
Labour - Dhaka, Bangladesh
coming home for christmas (explore)
lavando ropa en el Rio Li - China
Yuanyang Terraces, Laohu Zui area, rice fields
DSC_8864_4984. Babbo Natale al lavoro. - Santa Claus at work.
Man at work
Yuanyang Terraces, Laohu Zui area, hard work
The Butcher
"Mastery In Bronze"
My old work gloves.
Boats of Koh Samui
the hall
Yuanyang Terraces, Pugao Laozhai, work in the ricefields
Women Photographers.
I Need Some Help (HTBT)
60071, Harbury Cutting
Macro Mondays theme : "BALANCE"
Fresh Meat
To Do Or Not To Do (HMM)
Measure twice, cut once (48/52)
Chao Lay "Sea Gypsies" fixing their fish trapping nets
working on the field
Deeply tanned rugged "Sea Gypsy" busy with his machete
water's women (IX)
water's women (VII)
Preparing for the shot
vai para a praia?
The doors
Geese in the light
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, liftoff!
Hochzeitstorte / wedding cake
Glass Factory Craft , Vermont
Hier tobte vor vielen Jahren das Leben
Working For A Living - 6
I want to be somewhere else
way to work
Craftsman of the tesselle mosaic at work
LEGO Star Wars: Rebel Hangar Base on Dantooine MOC!
water's women (VIII)