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Unusual pov of the most southern lighthouse of Norway
life at the top cont.__Cappadocia
Impressive Norway
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20 Triton Street - London, UK
Singapore aims to be the world's greenest city
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Bleigiessen Glass Bead Sculpture - Wellcome Trust Building, London, UK
Soar through the sky on the most scenic highway in Singapore
Hammersmith Bridge, London, UK
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Main Street Sunset
Stair Maze (II) - Dorset Estate - George Loveless House, Bethnal Green, London, UK
Conduit Court, Covent Garden, London, UK
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Wellcome Collection, London, UK
The Singapore Flyer at the Marina Bay
Raindrops - Piccadilly Circus, London, UK
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Erg Chebbi, Maroc
Supertree skywalk in Singapore
Twilight River - London, UK
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Standing tall in the Supertree Grove
La Gomera - Tagamiche
Saint Mathieu - France
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Table Dancing (II) - Soho, London, UK
Supertree Grove is a futuristic attraction with light show and sounds
Singapore skyline at night and city reflections
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Saint Mathieu
Strolling thru the Financial hub of Singapore
Stair Maze - Dorset Estate - George Loveless House, Bethnal Green, London, UK
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The National Museum of Singapore has been a prominent landmark
Coming through in waves
MRT trains in Singapore are fully automated without driver!
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Pink Floyd's Signs Of Life / Learning To Fly
Follow the tracks!
Forchtenstein Castle
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Roques de San Pedro
Norwegian Lighthouse - Lindesnes
Port Colborne Ontario ~ Canada ~ View of Lake Erie at Sunset ~
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House by the lake
Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays - Covent Garden, London, UK
Lake Placid  New York - Main Street Commercial Area -- Wild Fox  Walking
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Speed Delivery
London Transport Museum - London, UK
December Sunset 6
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Starry (II) - Strand, London, UK
In Honor: Pearl Harbor Day
Deer Santa - Covent Garden, London, UK
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Merry & Happy - Covent Garden, London, UK
Starry - Strand, London, UK
There is only a river separating us
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Christmas is calling - Oxford Street, London, UK
Table Dancing - Soho, London, UK
Speed - Hong Kong
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Skyline - Vertigo 42, London, UK
Winter is coming soon
Contemplate the beauty
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Night Bus - West End, London, UK
once in berlin
Goodbye rain Hello sunshine :-)
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Geometric Mirror - Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London, UK
Elevated - Hong Kong
The Blue Umbrella
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