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One afternoon
Jachenau - View across the Walchensee
Moba Runes
The autumn of the Val Lamartinien
One Precious Moment In Time
Kauai Sunrise featuring driftwood arch
Moba Runes
Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Stuibenwand
An arid landscape
Through the Bealach ..
Moba Runes
Evening on the Rocks
The Valley of the Moon
Moba Runes
At peace with the world
Salvador Dalí Desert - Bolivia
Reed Island from Lake Titicaca
Moba Runes
Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Valley View
Reed indian boat
Garmisch-Partenkirchen - View from the Alpspitze
Moba Runes
Twilight on the lake
Cobra in the sky
A quiet shore
Moba Runes
Indian village on Lake Titicaca
Moba Runes
Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes - Beverley, Western Australia
morning mist
Let's go see an Alpine Paradise. The Bachalpsee panorama. Grindelwald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.26.08.19, 13:03:17. No. 91.
Moba Runes
Machu Picchu, the city of superlatives
Morning postcard of Machu Picchu
Moba Runes
majestic mountains II
To the fantasy of the llamas
Machu Picchu - a dream realized
Moba Runes
Light on Machu Picchu
An amphitheater in the heart of the mountains
Build me back!
Moba Runes
Tatoosh Lake
Heart of Darkness
when you feel lonely ...
Moba Runes
Morning Poetry
Green green world
Morning in Tuscany
Moba Runes
The Days Journey
From Cul Beag ..
somewhere ... someday
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Terraces up to the sky
Alpagas of Cuzco
Above the smoking volcano
Moba Runes
This is me : My Alpine Paradise no. 2 : "Plan de La Chaux" and the "Massif of Mont Blanc". Taken from the "Lac de Fenêtre". Canton of Valais, Switzerland, Italy, France. Izakigur : 22.08.16, 13:06:48.
the colorful fence and its friend - HFF
4910 m (16108 ft) above sea level !
Moba Runes
Spectacular panorama
Agriculture terraces
Just a Sunset
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The depth of the canyon
Condor's beauty
Dome of Delphi | Θόλος των Δελφών
Moba Runes
What is this big cloud on the horizon ?
The red house by the river
The old lady
Moba Runes