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Fall colors.🍁 Memories of beautiful autumn.🍂 Finland.
From the end to a new beginning
Lake Placid - New York - MIrror Lake - Autumn Scene
autumn ƒℓowers
Autumn colors. Warm October 2018. Finland.
Mirror reflection. Colors of summer. Finland.
Gratefulness (I have found my peace)
A Dores Field View.
The weather forecast is usually wrong :)
Sailing takes me...  🎵🎵
Do you want milk? Or feel the spirit of antiquity? The Old Сowshed (historical building), was build in the early 19th century. Finland, summer.
Summer dream... Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Finland.
Good memories
Do Nut Enter
Le Ricordanze
Ermita San Isidro (Widescreen Version)
After sunset. Päijänne lake, Finland. Autumn
Needles in a Hazestack
Calm evening on the lake Päijänne. #Autumn #Finland
Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Autumn, Finland.
Valle Gran Rey
Alpine valleys
Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺, Golden Pavilion)_
Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Sysmä, Finland. Summer 2018.
Reflections. Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Sysmä, Finland. Summer 2018.
Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Sysmä, Finland. Summer 2018.
From Meall Breac.
Mile Post 57.75
Un matin sans filtre
Summer time in Gornergrat , Canton of Valais , Switzerland. 2 8 2018 . A view to Monte Rosa .
Prendre le large
A morning walk ...
I have silly fears αnd an absurd courage.
Beautiful summer evening. Time is 22:47. 13.7.2018, Lake Päijänne, Sysmä, Finland
Summer on the lake Päijänne 💙 Sysmä, Finland.
Opposite side of sunset over lake Päijänne. Sysmä. Finland. Summer 2018.
Reflections. Evening on the lake Päijänne, Sysmä, Finland, Summer
A summer field
Paul, are you ready to travel with a lame tortoise? Finland, lake Ylä-Vehkajärvi, Sysmä. Summer 2018.
A little piece of heaven
Reflections. Night on the lake Päijänne, Finland, summer. Time is 22:37.
Calm after the rain... Finland, summer.
Night on the lake Päijänne. Time is 23:11. Sysmä, Finland. Summer. Midnight sun.
All what you need in summer 😊 Traditional finnish wooden house by the lake. BTW photo was taken at 21:00.
Classic finnish sauna. Floating sauna on the lake. Summer in Finland. Lake Päijänne. Sysmä
The house on the rock
Spring in the mountains
Navajo Culture
San Sebastián de La Gomera
Football Cathedral - San Mamés Barria Stadium, Bilbao, Basque Country
La Gomera Sunset Panorama
Evening at Drumashie.
Verbier , Mont Gelé Panorama  No. 7713 14 15 16 Panorama. Canton of Valais , Switzerland. Izakigur 21.03.18, 14:54:04.
Mont Fort (Verbier) Panorama; The Matterhorn (Cervin, Cervino 4478m) . The Dent Blanche 4357m and the Dent d'Hérenes 4,171m. No. 130 131 132
The Corran Ledge
Take Me to Church
Sky Walking