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Heart of Darkness
The Days Journey
From Cul Beag ..
Moba Runes
Terraces up to the sky
Mountains ridge
This is me : My Alpine Paradise no. 2 : "Plan de La Chaux" and the "Massif of Mont Blanc". Taken from the "Lac de Fenêtre". Canton of Valais, Switzerland, Italy, France. Izakigur : 22.08.16, 13:06:48.
Moba Runes
the colorful fence and its friend - HFF
Magic dream forest - PRESS L FOR BEST VIEW
A Sunset Lochan ..
Moba Runes
Corrievuic ..
The Heights of Machu Picchu
Moba Runes
Unusual pov of the most southern lighthouse of Norway
Impressive Norway
Memories of snowy winter 2019. Finland.
Moba Runes
There’s Snow Place Like Ohm
Hiss-tory Tour
Shanghai - Top of Shanghai
Moba Runes
Before Storming ...
Up there, on the ridge
Winter wonderland. Sunny day... but it's -21C. Nice and warm :-))) Who wants to walk with me? ;-)) Winter 2019, Finland.
Moba Runes
Reed And Bright Sun
Tier I Go Again
Mile Post 25.60
Moba Runes
Torridon ..
Sweet Nectar
Saint Mathieu
Moba Runes
Winter poetry
A Classical Perspective of the Golden Gate
From Knockan Crag.
Moba Runes
Swiss Alps panorama
Stroll Your Own Way
Golden Waves, Golden Seascape
Moba Runes
Cloud of this World
View from Wildalpjoch Summit - Bavaria
Bling on the Night
Moba Runes
Contemplate the beauty
Deep-sea diving 'round the clock, bikini bottoms, lager tops. I could get used to this
From the end to a new beginning
Moba Runes
Lake Placid - New York - MIrror Lake - Autumn Scene
Autumn colors. Warm October 2018. Finland.
Twilight Arrival on Big Talbot Boneyard
Moba Runes
The Road to Ben Lomond
Mirror reflection. Colors of summer. Finland.
Gratefulness (I have found my peace)
Moba Runes
A Dores Field View.
The weather forecast is usually wrong :)
Last photo of the day
Moba Runes
Do you want milk? Or feel the spirit of antiquity? The Old Сowshed (historical building), was build in the early 19th century. Finland, summer.
Summer dream... Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Finland.
Good memories
Moba Runes
Loch Kander
Le Ricordanze
Field of Dreams
Moba Runes
Ermita San Isidro (Widescreen Version)
After sunset. Päijänne lake, Finland. Autumn
Moba Runes
Needles in a Hazestack
Fall colors.🍁 Memories of beautiful autumn.🍂 Finland.
Moba Runes