Images with #citylife hashtag

Choi hung rainbow building, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Closing Time - The High Line, New York City
Istambul in winter
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Roll On Summer
"A walk in the city" [Explored]
Shit, I missed the tram!
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"When Goodness Flows From The Heart, Beauty Radiates To The World", George Washington University Metro Station, Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C.
"Her Performances Began In A Shroud Of Fear But Ended With Tears Of Joy And Eventual Solitude", Mr. Henry's Victorian Pub, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C
"Beyond The Empty Notions Of Right And Wrong Lay A World Where We Can Meet One Another And Share The Warmth Of Grace", Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C
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The Berlin Cathedral at the spring
Urban Canyon - Midtown, New York City
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Somewhere in Helsinki
The Bode-Museum in Berlin
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"How Much Indifference Towards The Poor And Needy Do Each Of Us Witness Every Day?", George Washington University District, Washington Circle, Washington, D.C
An "Mall of Berlin" view of the Prussian Manor House
She's In The Pink
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Foto Museum / Den Haag 2019
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"How Can The Youth Of Today Counter The Hideous Effects Of Loneliness Which Enfeeble All The Energies Of Our National Life?", Woodbridge, Virginia
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Walk the dog pt.2 - Chelsea, New York City
Shibuya Crossing
Austin Texas Skyline DSC_3030
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On A Mission
Chelsea Cityscape - Manhattan, New York City
Kufstein, February 2019
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West Chelsea Cityscape - New York City
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Any Color You Like..
Mona Lisa meets Berlin
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Dans la quiétude de la nuit, le boulanger.
Mona Lisa behind the Berlin Wall
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Bird watching...
Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh
Short Break
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The spearhead into the Berlin morning sky
The Break
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21st Century Renaissance
Coffee & Flowers
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Laundry in Lisbon
Somewhere in Ginza, a stranger waved at the tall photographer. 👋
"She Loved The Night For Only In The Dark Could She See The Stars", Howard University District, Washington, DC
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Royal Mile, Edinburgh
A stranger @ Binnenhof
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Walking Two Dogs On A Bike, Experience It In Heeg!
Good morning Berlin
I see you
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"Another Dark Night On The Street Where The Soul's Deepest Secrets Are Most Clearly Seen And Felt", George Washington University Metro Station, Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC
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