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La Espera
Kōdaiji Temple (高台寺) in explore 21/1/2020
Sitting Woman In Black by James Klinge
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Get your socks on
Climate Change
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El mensaje / The message
High Noon on the Avenue
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Night Lights - Chicago
Ejercicio II
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older love
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Ice cream
It’s Road movie time
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El Fotógrafo Pillado II
shadow lady
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A walk in the park - New York City
festive mood- Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!🎄🎅🎁🎊💫❄️🎉
Shining Path
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Amigos II
Be what you want
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The Red Taxi
San Francisco; Embarcadero
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Ljubljana Flower Market 20191009_113105
Ljubljana Slovenia Night Reflection DSC_6904
Game Geese in Hyde Park
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Daily Life-1874
Highway to hell
The 98th on Marchmont Street
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Spaceship Spandau
Los chicos de Casa Aranda
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The Generator Hostel
The Berlin Red City Hall
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Victoria's Secret
Look right, Look left
Bedford Place
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Meeting Point
Midtown View from East River State Park Brooklyn New York City NY P00378 DSC_1479
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Horse & carriage - Central Park, New York City
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Emerald Towers - Central Park, New York City
Pearl Beret
White Space - Rockefeller Center, New York City
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I'll sit down before mine end up around my knees too!!! (Explored)
Fast & Slow in Udaipur DSC_6123
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